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This collection of stories comes from a lifetime of memories. They are about real people from real towns, right here in America. The short stories and amusing tales are dedicated to children of all ages and describe the many situations that can evolve in our daily lives. The humor in the stories are spawned from the actual situation that came about during the Great Depression, World War II, and the years that have followed. Not all the stories in Fulton's Digest are humorous but they all carry a message or lesson children of any age might learn.

Hopefully, just one story might give the reader a chuckle, create a smile, a tear, or even warm the heart. Our creator has gifted me with a great memory. Preserving these memories and stories is important to our heritage and learning about the time that came before us - as they may be passed down to the next generation.

Most of the simple drawings that go with the stories were created from memory and have been added here and there to help the reader visualize the real-life place or activity involved in the story. Take a tour of our web page and enjoy some of the stories, amusing tales, and novels in the works. You can purchase a book of stories or an individual booklet of one story.

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