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Booklet - story fromThe Boy in the Red Hat

The Train Ride

Single Story Booklet from the Boy in the Red Hat

He was a depression baby born in the windy city of Pocatello, Idaho. These were tough times and the Great Depression is still not over.  His parents divorce when he is 2 years old and Bobby goes back to the farm in Twin Falls, Idaho to live with his grand parents.  Follow the course of the Boy in the Red Hat as he grows up and shuttles back and forth across the northwest.

World War II explodes and most everything in our country is upset and changing rapidly. Bobby’s mother marries again, this time to a beer salesman, and they moved to Vancouver, Washington.  When the the war broke out so did this marriage break up and the mother sends him by himself on the train back to Idaho where his natural father lives in Arco, Idaho.  Follow the Train Ride as the boy journeys back to a depot station in Shoshone, Idaho and arrives on Christmas Eve.